Excursions from the Spa


Discovering his main works, private palaces of the nobility and public buildings. A real architectural transformation that profoundly changed the medieval appearance of the city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

VICENZA: its name has always been linked to Andrea Palladio, the most famous architect of the Italian Renaissance. A panoramic road between beautiful villas will lead you in front of his most famous work, the VILLA ROTONDA (exterior), an original symmetrical building located on a small hill overlooking the surrounding landscape. Once in Vicenza we will walk with the guide along Corso Palladio and Contrà Porti to discover the numerous palladian palaces built on commission by the city's nobility. In PIAZZA dei SIGNORI, once the political center of the city, you can admire the famous BASILICA PALLADIANA, the Palazzo del Capitaniato, the Bissari Tower and the Monte di Pietà. Our visit will end with the SANCTUARY of the MADONNA di MONTE BERICO, a famous place of Marian worship, which houses a beautiful painting by P. Veronese.

Transport by Minivan or Coach, Authorized Guide

Montegrotto at 1:30 pm

Abano at 1:45 pm

duration 4 hours

€ 60,00

minimum 6 people

ask for availability